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Life Story (Photos & Audio)

For the 60 plus birthday present Remember When can offer you a number of life history packages.

Our basic package consists of a thirty minute audio interview with the client which will be recorded with the latest digital equipment. Questions put to the client will be based on in depth consultations about his or her life and times. These consultations will take place in the week preceding the interview itself. A minimum amount of editing will take place before the finished product is burned to CD. Remember When will personalize this finished CD by placing a photo of the client and details about the interview on the surface of the CD. Because the interview will take place in a home setting, with no cumbersome equipment present, the client will get the best chance to relax while the resultant flow of conversation is sure to capture the personality behind the voice.

Remember When offers an alternative to this audio recording by placing the client's life on screen in the form of a photographic slide show covering as many aspects of the life lived as the clients photographic collection will allow. A timeline with captions to introduce the different life phases can be incorporated into this slideshow. A favourite piece of music to accompany the show will make this present one that will be watched time and time again and is guaranteed to become a treasured family heirloom.

The final package is designed for birthday party celebrations and includes an enhanced audio recording on CD combined with an expanded and feature packed slideshow. This slideshow can include life story video clips which will appear alongside the photos or can be placed in a separate section of the slideshow DVD for instant access.

A fireworks display also features on the DVD and can be accessed at the touch of a button. This display can accompany a highpoint in the evening.

Best wishes from absent family members and friends can be accessed in our unique photo/phone section of the disc.

Both the CD and slideshow DVD will be held in a special two-disc presentation box which will display a photograph of the client on the cover and on each disc.

Who can doubt that this slideshow will become the highlight of the celebrations on the night while the complete package will be enjoyed by many generations to come?

Bronze Package - €250

Silver Package - €400 Gold Package - €500
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We create custom designed DVDs that combine your photographs, music and video clips into a multimedia presentation which can be played on a TV, computer or large projector screen.
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A Life Story On DVD
If you think the time is right to capture the life history of a family member or close friend on video Remember When can help. This is a perfect birthday present for the over 60's.
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